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Our Purpose

A collective commitment to break the cycle of un-ethical textile production.  A brand that brings value through passion and quality from integrity.

Our Values

1.  Sustainably Focused

2.  Quality Driven

3.  Create to Inspire

4.  Innovation through compassion

5.  Socially Conscious/    Environmentally Responsible

Our Niche

Premium Crafted Apparel Printing / Aesthetically pleasing design and branding

Our Promise

1. We Support our people

2. Perfect our process

3. Respect our environment

Proven Process

1. Educate – Inform about the impacts of apparel sourcing and production.  The people, process, and environment.

2. Collaborate – Learn, digest, and evaluate goals of each customer.

3. Integrate – Change the habits and break the cycle to bring more value to each and every brand.

4. Fulfill – The passion and enrich the experience of making a change.

Our Guarantee

We are not selling a service, we are selling a passion.  When thinking about making the switch from a general screen printing and sourcing company, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied not only in the process, but the quality of both the garments and the printing.  If not we will offer a full refund.  We have a step by step approval process which insures that you are getting exactly what you envisioned.  This includes a digital proof, press proof, and in person proof if desired.  3 ways to make sure your mind is at ease before the product is in your hands.