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Whether you’re a t-shirt printing expert who makes everything at home, or are learning about screen printing to get your company tees printed, we’ve got you covered.  Our in-depth guides contain all our years of screen printing knowledge in one place.  Create a successful business and get your prints dialed by learning the process from start to finish.

Product Sourcing

Everything you need to know about finding the best blank t-shirts, hoodies, etc.. to begin your screenprinting journey.  We have worked with just about every manufacturer there is and can help guide you through this process so you don’t end up with bad tees!

You probably have a piece of clothing that is more comfortable than anything you’ve ever worn.  Maybe you even have it on right now….  Here’s a look into picking super soft fabric that won’t weigh you down and has that PREMIUM feel.

Screen Printing Process

We have serious professional experience and a process that is dialed from concept to printed product.  Here’s an inside look at our process and what it’s like to work with Superior Ink.

Design Process

There’s a lot you’ll need to know to design tees.  It’s not as simple as making some artwork or a photo and slapping on a shirt, screen printers don’t print like your home office inkjet.  Once you know and understand the constraints you can work within them and push the limits, otherwise you’ll end up with expensive prints every time.


So you want to get your apparel seen and out into the world?  Marketing is a huge endeavor with literally thousands of options.  You can market through paid or organic advertising from word of mouth to billboard campaigns and facebook ads.  Here’s our take on the best ways to market your brand.

Screen Printing Ink Guide 

Picking the right ink for the fabric and color you pick can be tricky with all the options currently out there.  Here’s our guide to how each screen printing ink works with each fabric and why each one has it’s draws and drawbacks.  You’ll learn about water based and plastisol inks.


We aren’t talking about 50% off each tee here…. Sales is where marketing pays off, it’s the part where you make a profit and stay in business.  And therefore, it’s the most important part of any business (It includes marketing so if you’re a marketer please don’t get too caught up on our bold statement!).