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Custom Foil Printing : Make Your Apparel Shine


red custom foil printing
gold foil t shirt
silver foil t shirt

Custom foil printing is a great way to embellish your garments beyond using standard ink. It will make your products stand out in the marketplace.

This is a great way to add some flavor and vibrancy to your artwork and graphics. Foil comes in an array of different color options from silver and gold foil prints, to many other standard colors.

Foil can be applied to all types of apparel including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, zip-ups, jackets, etc.. Like all types of printing, it can fade and the shine will dull over time with enough washes, however, it does last very well comparatively.

How is foil applied to t-shirts?

The application is a two part process. By printing the garment with plastisol ink and a glue adhesive, you then take your foil and apply it with heat to the areas desired.

You can use a foil resist if you have other colors in the artwork that you do not wish to apply foil over.  This is a layer we print on the shirt that foil will not stick too creating a more complex design like what you see below.

custom green foil printing for t-shirts

There are also specialty foils with different textures that can be used. You can check out the link below to view all of the different custom foil printing options.

Interested in having your project printed with foil?  Reach out to us using our screen printing quick quote form here and let’s bring your idea to life!