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We always do our best to be better. That’s why starting this year, we have made some changes to better align with companies that will benefit the most from our services. We are only taking on a certain number of new clients to assure we can offer a Superior Service. Our business model is not a cookie cutter that fits any and all business types. We are selective on what partners we take on simply because it is important that we are the best fit for your business. Please feel free to submit a quote request. Although we cannot guarantee we will align with your business we can assure to point you in the right direction to a company that can if we do not select your brand on future project building. We still love you and respect your hustle.

Send us a quote request and we will get right back to you!

We know your time is valuable. Please select from one of the tabs below and make sure to be as detailed as possible. This will help to ensure we have everything we need to get things going. Upon receiving your information, we will get back to you within 24 hours with final numbers. If everything looks good and is approved on your end, we will then provide you with a Tech Pack for approval. A Tech Pack is basically a detailed proof with your design on the garment and size details to make sure everything looks perfect before we move forward.

If you do not have artwork, it will be hard to determine costs for producing your order. For assistance with creating a new design or help with spicing up your current logo or graphic, click here. We are happy to help create the perfect design for you.

Not Sure If You’re Ready to Order?

Please read our FAQ

  • We prefer vector art or raster with minimum 300 DPI. Accepted file types: jpg-png-tiff-psd-ai (50mb max)
  • We prefer vector art or raster with minimum 300 DPI. Accepted file types: jpg-png-tiff-psd-ai (50mb max)
  • We prefer vector art or raster with minimum 300 DPI. Accepted file types: jpg-png-tiff-psd-ai (50mb max)
  • We prefer vector art or raster with minimum 300 DPI. Accepted file types: jpg-png-tiff-psd-ai (50mb max)


What is your minimum order for screen printing?

Our minimum is 24 pieces for a one color print, 24 additional pieces per color after that. So if you have a three color print, our minimum is 72 pieces.

Is it more expensive to print on dark shirts?

Yes. Both plastisol and water-based ink have a very low opacity which means they are not vivid when printed on dark garments. In order to allow for bright tones we need to print a white base which is considered an additional color. This means if you have a 3 color design being printed on any garment color other than white or neutral, it would be considered 4 colors. This adds cost not only to printing price, but is an additional set-up fee.

What does “print ready” artwork mean?

Print ready artwork needs to be a vector format file, such as .AI .PDF or .EPS. It is important that fonts are outlined or expanded to assure all fonts come through correctly. If you have any gradients, photos or blends in your artwork, Photoshop or raster images are acceptable as long as they are 300dpi or higher. DPI stands for “dots per square inch” the higher quality the artwork, the higher quality the print. All artwork is created as high-resolution raster or vector. Over time, files are passed around and down saved lowering the quality and diminishing the integrity of the files. If you do not know how to find the native files for your company, ask the artist or designer that created them. 99% of the time they will be able to send you what you need. If you cannot send print ready files, they will need to be recreated. Superior Ink can do this for you, but additional fees will apply. Price is determined by # of hours needed for revisions.

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time is 10 business days from the time mock up and price is approved and deposit is submitted. Orders over 5,000 may be subject to an additional 5 business days. If any artwork changes are requested or garments are changed after goods are ordered the price is subject to change and additional days will be added to completion date.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we can ship your order after completion, but shipping charges will be added to the final invoice after production, and should be considered when placing the order with shipping times.

Do you offer finishing services?

Yes, we offer inside printed tags, folding, bagging, UPC application, hang tag application, and sew tag application. We can provide the hand tags and woven labels but require a 500pc minimum for both sourcing applications.

Inside tag minimum requirement 100pcs
Woven label sewing 250pc minimum
Hang tag application 250pc minimum
Folding / bagging 100pc minimum

Do you offer anything for small order runs?

Yes, we can print orders smaller than 24 pieces, but we do require that the garments be 100% cotton and white/light colored to ensure the best results.

Can you accommodate rush orders?

It depends on the time of year, and the timeframe needed will be up to the discretion of your customer service representative. Rush orders will also be subject to a rush fee.
6 Day Turnaround: 20% of order
5 Day Turnaround: 30% of order
4 Day Turnaround: 40% of order
3 Day Turnaround: 50% of order
2 Day Turnaround: 80% of order
1 Day Turnaround: NOT AVAILABLE

Can you do anything besides screen printing?

Yes, we offer embroidery (50pc minimum), design services, stickers (250pc minimum), banners, fine art printing, and direct to garment digital printing.

What is the turnaround time for embroidery?

Embroidery typically takes 3-4 weeks for completion with new artwork. (50 pc minimum required)

Will there be set up fees for reorders of shirts?

There will still be set up fees for designs we’ve done for you in the past, but offered at a discounted rate. We will keep your films on file for a year for any reorders.

How does payment work?

We require full payment before production. ½ deposit and terms are considered for contract and wholesale relationships. These terms are considered for return customers but not for first time orders.

Spoilage and Returns

Superior Ink takes every step possible to assure that we produce your apparel at the highest level of quality. However, spoilage can occur whether it be garment manufacture defects or production flaws. The industry standard is 3%. It is extremely rare that we yield this high of a spoil percentage but it is in the realm of possibility. Discharge ink can often have higher spoilage results due to the process. The garments are bleached and cannot be replaced once cured. Please note that if spoilage occurs on garments you provided we will not be responsible for replacing the garment. Please consider the 3% spoilage rate prior to placing your order as a buffer for possible defects.

What happens If I receive defect garments on an order?

Superior Ink has a quality control team that is responsible for catching defects prior to shipping your order. However, we are human so there is a chance defects can slip past our process. If you receive an order with print errors or manufacture defects, you will have 48 hours to notify our team or return the garments for a full refund. You must bring back or ship all “stated” defects in order to receive the refund. We will not refund your order if you choose to keep the spoilage.

Press Proofs

We offer digital mock ups for $20 per 4 designs as a final approval process. If you would like an additional in-person or photo proof on press, we will give you a call 2 hours prior to set-up to let you know a picture will be sent. If we do not receive approval within 10 minutes of receiving the photo, there will be an $80 per hour charge for press hold fee until we are confirmed and approved. If we do not hear anything after 2 hours, the job will be taken down and customer will be responsible for costs associated to set back up the job.